Aum Waheguru Rishi Ashram

The Spiritual Practice field of the Living Master and His Disciples

Sant Shri Sahib Jee laid down the foundation of Aum WaheGuru Rishi Ashram way back in 1982 along with a small group of genuine seekers, in search of the Absolute existence. This Ashram is a small place for the Smaran/Worship of the Ultimate. Hence it is commonly known as Smaran Sthali or Meditation Retreat.

At the Ashram, the disciples are taught - how to do the Unmotivated Meditation of the Supreme Being, perform good deeds and stay away from the sins.

Spread over 5000 sq. yards, this modest meditation retreat is frequented by the practicing spiritual masters, their disciples, saints, and other seekers. The Ashram is located at the outskirts of Delhi at a calm and quiet place away from the City.

The Ashram is conducive to intense meditation and self-inquiry. The sensitive seeker can find the charged feel of the retreat at once. Only genuine seekers are encouraged to visit the retreat and participate in the activities.

The Ashram is environment-friendly and the atmosphere is free from the ritualistic and fundamentalist practices of religion. It offers every possible direction, help, and guidance for Nishkaam Simran (Unmotivated Meditation), for the realization of the Absolute reality.

The Ashram is managed outwardly by an organisation of voluntary sadhaks - SYSTEM (Society of Young Seekers…). Internally, Shri Deen Dayal Jee Maharaj (An Avatar – Latest Incarnation of God) looks after the management of Ashram and its activities through our Living Master, Sant Shri Sahib Jee.

At the Ashram, donations from the general public are NOT accepted either in Cash or Kind.

Smaran Sthali is very much different from all the other Ashrams and is Unique in all its aspects.

  • At Smaran Sthali, the Sadhaks are taught how to do the Nishkaam Simran (Unmotivated Meditation) of the Supreme Being, do the good deeds and stay away from sins.

  • The items developed and recommended by the experienced doctors of Smaran Sthali are distributed Free of Cost. These include Tooth powder, Tonics, and other items good for Health.

  • Any item developed by Ashram, any cassette, or book is not for sale.

  • Any sort of political or argumentative talks are completely prohibited inside the Smaran Sthali premises.

  • Any use of Narcotics is completely prohibited in the Smaran Sthali premises.

  • Whereas the Scriptures and Saffron robes are highly respected at Smaran Sthali, there is no compulsion about reading or wearing these.

  • Donation from the general public is NOT accepted either in Cash or in Kind. The members also cannot give their Money just like that. They have to obtain the permission from Sant Shri Sahib Jee first.

Apart from an Ashram with these Unique aspects, a Tirath (Sacred Shrine) has been made available to the sadhaks of Smaran Sthali that is Unique in this entire universe.


  • Ladies are not allowed in the Ashram except in the Satyugi Katha and that too as soon as the Satyugi Katha is over, they must leave the boundaries of the Ashram.

    Gents should go towards the main gate after Satyugi Katha. They can have/get further Sewa on the main gate only. Roaming in the Ashram is not allowed.

    One cannot enter in the Kitchen and Gowshalla of the Ashram without permission. Only the authorized can enter to prepare the meals in Kitchen and sewa in the Gowshalla.

  • Donation from the Public is not accepted at all (neither in cash nor in kind). Regular Initiated contributors should also OFFER (not give) only in the alternative months. When accepted, only the accepted part of the offer is given in Cheques only.

  • Children below 12 years are not allowed.

  • Mobile phone should be kept on silent mode as soon as enter the main gate of the Ashram. To attend the call, one has to go outside the main gate.

    Mobile Phone must be switched off before entering in the BRAHMKUTI.

  • In the Ashram premises to bring bouquets, flowers and garlands are not allowed.

  • Business/ Political/Personal talks are not allowed within the boundaries of the Ashram.

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