Sant Shri Sahib Jee

The Living Master

Well Educated, extremely Articulate, highly Disciplined, Modest, Friendly, and a great believer of Simplicity in Living and True Conduct, Sant Shri Sahib Jee is a Realised Master who is Reluctant to admit being so.

Sant Shri Sahib Jee is a Realised Master who is Reluctant to admit being so.

But close disciples experience the energy of His presence, where their doubts, their questions and troubled minds drop into the deep silence of bliss, as they progress in their practice.

Sant Shri Sahib Jee (the birth name - (Sant Shri) Harbans (Sahib Jee)) is known as the Reluctant Master among His disciples because of His unwillingness for anything from His disciples.

Generally, the Masters want to increase the number of their disciples. On the contrary, Sant Shri Sahib Jee is reluctant to increase the number of his disciples. After several requests and months of time from the Uninitiated seekers, He agrees reluctantly to initiate a new seeker, i.e., to become a disciple of Sant Shri Sahib Jee is not so easy.

Most Masters give public invitation for Satsang and Initiation. They invite the public through Hoardings, Boards, Advertisements, Books, and Cassettes to come in large numbers. At Smaran Sthali, it is reverse. The Satsang is not for the General Public. No Invitation is sent even to the disciples. The Ashram is located away from the city. A Hint is provided only to the Genuine Seekers who wait for the Hint/Permission and reach on their own.

Many Masters try to prove that Miracles are happening because of them. At Smaran Sthali, it is reverse. The Miracles happen. The disciples of Sant Shri Sahib Jee say that they are feeling all sorts of spiritual experiences due to Him. But, He reluctantly admits so.

Generally, the Masters accept the donations and build their own Properties instead of spending the Money on charity activities. At Smaran Sthali, donation from the General Public is not accepted at all. And, disciples too cannot donate at their free will. Sant Shri Sahib Jee agrees to their contributions after their repeated requests.

Contributor disciple has to declare that the money being contributed is from the purest part of their earning. Money contributions are received either in cheques (to avoid Black Money) and deposited in the Ashram bank account or by one or two of the disciples NOT by Sant Shri Sahib Jee at all. This is to avoid any bungling in the funds - which is mostly found in similar associations.

Contributions are spent in charity activities such as distributing food and general-purpose items to Saints and Poor people. Every time a disciple wishes to contribute the Money, the disciple has to make the request again to Sant Shri Sahib Jee for the acceptance of the Money. Sant Shri Sahib Jee makes sure that every penny is utilised properly and the best of the best things are donated to Saints and Needy/Poor people.

Sant Shri Sahib Jee practices whatever he preaches. He himself does the Sewa and Smaran first and then advises His disciples to do so.

Unlike other Masters, Sant Shri Sahib Jee is very practical. He talks and believes in the practicality. Instead of giving lectures on Unmotivated Selfless service (Nishkaam Sewa) to his disciples, he himself does the Unmotivated Selfless Service of the Saints and then advises his disciples to do so. He is very particular about the service of the Saints and the needy/poor people. He makes sure that it is done 100% perfect and Unmotivated in nature.

Sant Shri Sahib Jee practices whatever He preaches - Himself first and then asks His disciples to learn and practice.

Smaran Sthali sadhaks are learning from Sant Shri Sahib Jee that while living in this very world and without getting too much involved in it, how to do the Nishkaam Simran (Unmotivated Meditation) of the Supreme Being and completely devote their life to the Supreme Being.


  • Ladies are not allowed in the Ashram except in the Satyugi Katha and that too as soon as the Satyugi Katha is over, they must leave the boundaries of the Ashram.

    Gents should go towards the main gate after Satyugi Katha. They can have/get further Sewa on the main gate only. Roaming in the Ashram is not allowed.

    One cannot enter in the Kitchen and Gowshalla of the Ashram without permission. Only the authorized can enter to prepare the meals in Kitchen and sewa in the Gowshalla.

  • Donation from the Public is not accepted at all (neither in cash nor in kind). Regular Initiated contributors should also OFFER (not give) only in the alternative months. When accepted, only the accepted part of the offer is given in Cheques only.

  • Children below 12 years are not allowed.

  • Mobile phone should be kept on silent mode as soon as enter the main gate of the Ashram. To attend the call, one has to go outside the main gate.

    Mobile Phone must be switched off before entering in the BRAHMKUTI.

  • In the Ashram premises to bring bouquets, flowers and garlands are not allowed.

  • Business/ Political/Personal talks are not allowed within the boundaries of the Ashram.

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